Glamour and luxury metal

FashionThe most sexy tendency of the upcoming summer period - sparkling in the sunlight swimsuit. The mod will be all shades of precious metals - gold, silver, platinum. That models will slender ladies with a good figure. Shining gold and silver accentuate the graceful lines, will give the silhouette of a special clarity and do a figure more seductive.Are advised to wear swimsuits at a beginning of the summer, when a aging body is not covered with tan. Glimpses who drops the "metal" swimsuit, will give the skin a pleasant shade.Do not worry about the inappropriateness of the brilliant attire during the time - this is not a party clothing! Swimwear - 2013 may be smart and compelling in a brilliant smart swimsuit. A chief thing - do not go overboard with a bling: diamonds, studs and bright make-up, leave a house. But the glittering sandals apartment shoes and one or 2 metal bracelet - a matching accessories for this bath costume!  Resembling articles:Vogue Summer skirtFashion Summer tops, blouses and skirts vacation timeFashion Insulate his head caps and berets.

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