Glamour and luxury metal

FashionThe most sexy tendency of the upcoming summer period - sparkling in the sunlight swimsuit. The mod will be all shades of precious metals - gold, silver, platinum. That models will slender ladies with a good figure. Shining gold and silver accentuate the graceful lines, will give the silhouette of a special clarity and do a figure more seductive.Are advised to wear swimsuits at a beginning of the summer, when a aging body is not covered with tan. Glimpses who drops the "metal" swimsuit, will give the skin a pleasant shade.Do not worry about the inappropriateness of the brilliant attire during the time - this is not a party clothing! Swimwear - 2013 may be smart and compelling in a brilliant smart swimsuit. A chief thing - do not go overboard with a bling: diamonds, studs and bright make-up, leave a house. Читать полностью -->

Fluffy capes: mode coat winter 2013-2013

StyleFluffy fur capes instead - one of the brightest trends for winter time 2013-2012. Pop dark, white, purple. These capes are not made for warmth, but rather for nice. You are the embodiment of a glamorous luxury. With them, you can wear an chic mini or tight-fitting leggings. And the image of a star is ready for the party.Great hot cape-same coat, is as well decorated with fur. Читать полностью -->

Pleated and lace

FashionMark Incanto offers ladies bras, decorated pleated. This a small piece views extremely tempting, and in addition, this bra will add amount skinny ladies.Very noble and smart views lacy lingerie. This period, have at least a few sets of lace to each woman! If you love the classics - note a model Mimi on Holiday and Elle Macpherson. No less be elegant suites in dark and white represented in a collections of Myla, Pleasure State Whiteness Label.  Resembling posts:Style Sew a summer costume for a slim and full figuresVogue Fashion spring / winter time: leather jackets for men and womenMode Women's hats. . . Читать полностью -->

Coat of black and grayFashionA most trendy colors of the period were black and gray. They are universal and fit for anything. These coats be extremely elegant. You may be worn every day. This style is devoid of any frills, but a coat views more chic. Delete a dark flower of his collections failed the mode designer, however a elegance and simplicity are yet in vogue. Читать полностью -->

Blossom camel

StyleClassical chic and style of business - it's camel-thin hair coat. Although short and concise options on this topic, look lovely with denim styles within «casual». A collections of the winter time 2012/2013 tone camel thin hair (gilded-sand) is used by designers is very efficacious. The assemblage Row (Winter 2012/2013) on the flower coat how close to favorable yellow. At Hermes - a soft sand tone with terracotta stripes and lining of a same outline.At Hermes, there are coats of "camel" classic flower, but ingenious styles: sleeve "bat", a thin skin belt through a hip.  Alike articles:Vogue Style JobMode Women's Shoes Spring Period: style trendsStyle Summer Style: Ladies elegant costume: not cheap glamor, but a true chic. . Читать полностью -->

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